Building a Dream

It’s a flyfishing business, right? Well, yes. But over the past three weeks or so, the business activities at All Day Angler have hardly even alluded to tight lines, epic hatches, or a rambunctious trout ripping through the surface in an acrobatic testament to the wild will to survive.

Instead, we have considered logistics, marketing, growth, and inventory and the technology that might help us to advance smoothly from a kind of part-time, back-burner project to a fly shop that is fit to contend with the big boys.

We have looked at plugins to make the website smoother, slicker, sexier, easier to track and update, and we have decided to proceed with only a single simple but critical listing tool that multiplies our listing efficiency.

We have courted an impressive roster of graphic designers and selected a suitor who has already rendered an image that excites us. As the brand matures, we need a trademark that captures the essence of All Day Angler, and sums it up in a brief, memorable way, and we are close to acquiring this insignia.

We have negotiated with shipping companies to bring about more affordable rates–particularly for bulky items–and will soon integrate these options and services with the website to make a better experience for our customers. Previously, something like a landing net simply could not be sold and shipped in a way that was enticing for you as buyer and profitable for us as seller. But with these revised shipping terms, we are confident that landing nets, wading boots, and other large items will soon be a major attraction at All Day Angler.

You can probably tell that All Day Angler is not fully fleshed-out. We are not too proud to admit that. But we do take a lot of pride in the learning that has occurred over the past three weeks, and are ultra-excited about how our discoveries and changes will improve your interaction with us here at this up-and-coming online fly shop.

Yep, All Day Angler is a work in progress. But progressing we are, and we hope that you can already see and enjoy the fruits of our effort. Stay tuned.