The fly selection here at All Day Angler is diverse, immense to the point of staggering!  And we intend to list them all!  But we are nothing if not slightly unconventional–and we strive always to tilt this to your advantage.

The skinny:

Most of our flies are pre-sorted, having lain in the same labeled compartments in the same bins here at All Day Angler as they occupied at their retail origins.  Some flies, however, have been displaced in the shuffle.  I will personally hand-sort each and every fly that reaches listing here at All Day Angler to ensure the highest level of accuracy in product description.  But I am human, and even if I am a little more OCD than some, there will probably be occasional variations that escape my keenest powers of detection.  “Gosh, Bryan–this sounds like a perfect occasion for a discount!”  I agree!  So let’s make a great deal for you!  When you buy your flies from All Day Angler, you will get the following:

  • Premium flies.  These are not big-box-store or–heaven help us!–blister-pack flies from a store that also sells hair dryers, step ladders, and corn starch.  Our selection has been 100% sourced of the fly shops, by the fly shops, and for the fly shops.
  • Quality control.  All Day Angler staff will exercise great attentive care in sorting flies in order to keep variation to an absolute minimum.
  • A great price.
  • Steep quantity incentives.
  • Our swift, accurate shipping.
  • The All Day Angler fly satisfaction guarantee.  If the flies you receive truly are not as described, we will do everything possible to resolve things and make sure you feel great about your purchase and our customer care.

Now, let’s shop for some flies!