Meet The All Day Angler

If you’re looking for the celebrity shopkeeper—the retired world-renowned guide who pioneered youtube flyfishing instruction, revolutionized fly tying by developing a new tool or technique, spearheaded the campaign to block the construction of a dam on sensitive salmon waters, and lends his name to a very nice range of fly rods from a well-known manufacturer, you have come to the right place: I can point you toward several people who fit that career profile.

I, on the other hand, am simply a big kid who has grown up in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States and has learned to love flyfishing. I cut my teeth by making an inquisitive nuisance of myself at fly shops in Spokane, Washington, and by fishing stillwaters in that area in a cheap rubber raft from which I dragged a wooly bugger. As time went on, I learned to tie; became more selective about the action of my rod and built what now qualifies as “a collection” of rods; fell absolutely enamored with the dry fly, headhunting approach for trout; and have recently caught my first steelhead ever, in my first effort with a spey rod.

So this new chapter—by my calculations, no less than 9th largest retailer of flyfishing goods in the Boise area—adds a dimension to my appreciation of and involvement within the flyfishing world. I am determined to learn and, ultimately, to do a good job with this for three reasons: (1) because this presents an opportunity for my work to reflect the excellence of the flyfishing community as a whole, (2) because I have always wanted to tackle something entrepreneurial, and (3) because this allows me to be at home with my little boy and still put food on his table and some tiny little waders on his body (one of these years…”Don’t rush, Dad!”)

I am deeply humbled by your choice to visit and do business with All Day Angler. My promise is to earn this, for the sakes of my son, myself, and our customers.