Airflo Poly Leader: Salmon/Steelhead, Select Varieties


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From the Airflo website:

The 5′ and 10′ Salmon and Steelhead Polyleaders offer great turnover for bulky and heavy flies. Available in 7 different sink rates from floating right through to extra super fast sinking, these polyleaders provide complete depth control which is so often essential when fishing for salmon and steelhead.

The floating polyleaders are ideal for fishing bombers with the slow and fast sinking polyleaders allowing you to bed your flies down just a few inches to avoid drag from a floating line. The Ex.Fast sinking leader gets your flies as deep as possible. We recommend a maximum tippet strength of 24lb.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .25 in
Length, Color + Buoyancy

5ft., Clear Floating, 5ft., Clear Hover, 5ft., Clear Intermediate, 5ft., Green Slow Sinking, 5ft., Brown Fast Sinking, 5ft., Brown Super Fast Sinking, 5ft., Brown Extra Super Fast Sinking, 10ft., Clear Floating, 10ft., Clear Hover, 10ft., Clear Intermediate-1.5"/Sec., 10ft., Green Slow Sinking-2.6"/Sec., 10ft., Brown Fast Sinking-3.9"/Sec., 10ft., Brown Super Fast Sinking-4.9"/Sec.