Airflo Sixth Sense Trout Sweep Fly Line: WF9 DI5


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Color: Pale Grey

Cutting edge flylines–only from Airflo

This is the line competitive stillwater fishermen choose when every cast could mean the difference between a trophy and a pat on the back. Sixth Sense lines are by far the best lake lines available. Developed by top lake fisherman in the UK and Europe, the Sixth Sense family of lines has you covered from top to bottom.

The standard sinking lines are all density compensated, which ensures a level sink rate, keeping your fly in the zone as long as possible. The long front taper and extended rear taper help delay turnover adding more distance to your cast.

When you want to swing your fly through several zones every single cast, use the sinking Sweep lines to help find the fish you didn’t even know were there. Sweep lines are part of every serious competitive stillwater fisherman’s arsenal.

  • Patented dual layer polyurethane construction improves line performance while offering longer line life, UV resistance, and chemical resistance (DEET proof)
  • Low stretch power core for improved line stability during the cast, less line memory, unsurpassed take detection, and positive hookset when you connect to a fish
  • Extended front and rear tapers for added distance
  • Density compensated for even/consistent sink rates
  • Color change hang markers for fishing the deadly “strip and hang” technique

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