Alec Jackson’s Steelhead Irons


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Manufactured in Japan by Daiichi, one of the world’s finest hook producers.

Forged from high-carbon steel.

Needle point, chemically sharpened.

Uses: traditional flies for steelhead and salmon; nymphs for trout.

10 hooks per package

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3.75 × .25 in
Color, Size, Configuration

Blk, Sz3 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Blk, Sz7 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Blk, Sz9 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Gld, Sz5 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Gld, Sz7 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Gld, Sz9 (1x Stout, 1X Short), Nkl, Sz3 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Nkl, Sz7 (1x Stout, 1x Short), Nkl, Sz9 (1x Stout, 1x Short)


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