Brass Beads, Round


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These beads add weight, balance, form, and color to your flies.  A must-have for any fly-tyer.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .5 in
Color, Size, Qty.

Black, 2.0mm, 20pcs, Black, 2.3mm, 20pcs, Black, 2.5mm, 20pcs, Black Nickel, 6.4mm, 20pcs, Brite Gold, 1.5mm, 25pcs, Brite Gold, 2mm, 25pcs, Chartreuse, 1.5mm, 20pcs, Chartreuse, 2mm, 20pcs, Chartreuse, 2.4mm, 20pcs, Chartreuse, 2.8mm, 20pcs, Copper, 1.5mm, 25pcs, Copper, 2mm, 25pcs, Copper, 6.4mm, 20pcs, Green, 4.7mm, 20pcs, Green, 5.5mm, 20pcs, Green, 6.4mm, 20pcs, Natural Brass, 3.2mm, 25pcs, Olive, 1.5mm, 20pcs, Olive, 2mm, 20pcs, Olive, 2.4mm, 20pcs, Olive, 2.8mm, 20pcs, Olive, 3.2mm, 20pcs, Olive, 4mm, 20pcs, Orange, 1.5mm, 20pcs, Orange, 2mm, 20pcs, Orange, 2.4mm, 20pcs, Orange, 2.8mm, 20pcs, Orange, 3.2mm, 20pcs, Pearl White, 1.5mm, 20pcs, Pearl White, 4mm, 20pcs, Silver Nickel, 1.5mm, 25pcs, Silver Nickel, 6.4mm, 20pcs

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