Float Master Products Strike Indicators




From the Float Master website:

In search of  Strike Indicators that won’t slip and slide on your leader?  Float Master Products is just what you’re looking for.  You can apply them in seconds even to a pre-existing rig.  It’s not necessary to cut anything off of your line to apply them or remove them, saving you time with your set-up and increasing your fishing time.   Want to adjust your depth?  Just moisten the leader in the water and then adjust  the indicator up or down the line.  It will hold tight right where you leave it.  No kinks left in the leader either.

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in

Green, Dark Shadow, 3/4" Round, Green, Dark Shadow, 1" Round, Green, River Camo, 3/4" Round, Green, River Camo, 1" Round, Orange, Dark Shadow, 3/4" Round, Orange, Dark Shadow 1" Round, Orange, River Camo, 3/4" Round, Orange, River Camo, 1" Round, Pink, Dark Shadow, 3/4" Round, Pink, Dark Shadow, 1" Round, Pink, River Camo, 3/4" Round, Pink, River Camo, 1" Round, Yellow, Dark Shadow, 3/4" Round, Yellow, Dark Shadow, 1" Round, Yellow, River Camo, 3/4" Round, Yellow, River Camo, 1" Round, Green, Dark Shadow, 5/8" Teardrop, Green, River Camo, 1" Teardrop, Orange, Dark Shadow, 5/8" Teardrop, Pink, Dark Shadow, 5/8" Teardrop, Pink, River Camo, 1" Teardrop, Yellow, Dark Shadow, 5/8" Teardrop, Yellow, River Camo, 1" Teardrop