Gudebrod Fly Tying Thread


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Many of you will remember Gudebrod thread and its ties (no pun intended) to the Borger Color System.  Flyfishing legend Gary Borger created a streamside reference card for accurately identifying and recording colors of aquatic insects, and Gudebrod produced thread to match the card.  Pretty clever!

Alas, Gudebrod is no longer with us, but their factory left behind some great thread, and we’ve got a pretty impressive supply of it.  Get yours before someone else does!


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Color, Diameter

BCS33–Dark Olive Green, 8/0, BCS39–Light Yellow, 8/0, BCS45–Dark Yellow, 3/0, BCS45–Dark Yellow, 6/0, BCS63–Light Rusty Brown, 6/0, BCS63–Light Rusty Brown, 8/0, BCS65–Dark Rusty Brown, 6/0, BCS65–Dark Rusty Brown, 8/0, BCS77–Fluorescent Orange, 3/0, BCS77–Fluorescent Orange, 6/0, BCS94–Tan, 6/0, BCS94–Tan, 8/0, BCS107–White, 6/0, BCS107–White, G, BCS119–Dark Gray, 6/0, BCS119–Dark Gray, 8/0


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