Guideline Haze 8-10 Reel With Line


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Beautiful like-new fly reel for medium saltwater and heavy freshwater species.  Finish is nearly perfect.  Line appears pristine.  Sticker on the bottom of the reel seat reads “WF1[??]” where the two question marks are illegible to me.  Worst aspect of this reel: there is a slight amount of play between the reel and the frame, like 1/32″.  Otherwise, the drag is tight, the crank is smooth, the subtle bi-directional clicks pleasant and overall impression is solid and refined.

From the Guideline website:

The HAZE V2 reel offers form and function at a competitive price. Manufactured from bar stock T6061 aluminum – the modern standard for quality fly reels – HAZE V2 reels ooze attitude and class in every single detail. A black, hard-anodized, high-gloss finish will ensure a great match with your fly rod and a look that will never go out of fashion. The burgundy red drag cylinder adds a nice, contrasting dash of color to the looks.

Manufactured in a state of the art machining plant, the standard of materials and workmanship are incredibly high, giving you a product to rely on. The smooth drag system is developed around a stacked disc design, with alternating Teflon and Stainless steel discs varying in size and numbers depending on the size of reel. The sealed drag cylinder protects the components from dirt and grit and will give a smooth, dependable action over a full and extended range of settings. The reels are available as right or left-hand retrieve, but can also be turned to desired direction with a simple operation. Haze V2 reels come with a full frame for added strength against torsion and to protect thin running lines from finding their way in between the spool and frame during the cast.

21310 HAZE V2 24 81 x 52 x 28,5mm 124g WF 4+80 yds/20lbs backing
21312 HAZE V2 46 87 x 56 x 30mm 135g WF 5+100 yds/20lbs backing
21314 HAZE V2 68  93 x 58 x 32,5 mm 169g WF 8+100 yds/20lbs backing
21316 HAZE V2 79 HD 102 x 58 x 32,5 mm 191g WF 9+130m 30lbs or 150m 30lbs,
30m LRL shooting line & Power Taper 8/9.
21318 HAZE V2 810  106x56x35 mm 255g PT 9/10+200 yds/30lbs backing
21320 HAZE V2 1012  115 x 66 x 38 mm 303g PT 10/11+300 yds/30lbs backing

* Diameter: Total diameter x Inner diameter x Width of spool.
** Haze 810 also takes  LRL 0.031″ shootingline in addition to listed capacity.
** Haze 1011 also takes LRL 0.034″ shootingline in addition to listed capacity.

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