MFC Otter’s Soft Egg Material


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Package of approximately 12 eggs.

Otter’s Soft Eggs from Montana Fly Company® are the most realistic egg imitations available. Soft and chewy, these eggs have the same consistency and texture as real fish eggs. And as you already know, the more realistic your bait feels to the fish, the longer he’ll hold it in his mouth, giving you more time to set your hook.

  • Realistic appearance
  • Soft and chewy
  • Fish hold on longer

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .5 in
Color, Size

Apricot, 6mm, Apricot, 10mm, Apricot Opaque, 6mm, Apricot Opaque, 10mm, Blue, 6mm, Blue 10mm, Buff (Dead Egg), 4mm, Buff (Dead Egg), 6mm, Flamingo, 6mm, Flamingo, 10mm, Kiwi, 6mm, Kiwi, 10mm, Kiwi Opaque, 6mm, Kiwi Opaque, 10mm, Red/Tangerine, 6mm, Red/Tangerine, 10mm, Ruby, 4mm, Ruby, 6mm, Ruby, 10mm, Tangerine, 4mm, Tangerine, 6mm, Tangerine, 10mm, Tangerine Opaque, 6mm, Tango, 4mm, Tango, 6mm