Saltwater Techniques, from North American Fishing Club’s Fishing Success DVD Series


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From the back cover:

There is no greater challenge, excitement or triumph than matching skills with saltwater bruisers like redfish, sharks, sailfish, salmon, and more!  Saltwater fishing isn’t for the faint of heart, but it may just be the thrill you’ve been waiting for.

Saltwater fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of the sport.  In this edition, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of fishing the flats to bluewater.  Or maybe you’re ready for the ultimate challenge…going after the biggest meanest and fastest fish alive on the open seas.

Get ready to experience saltwater fishing in fantastic locations from around the world.  the scenery is amazing.  The action is incredible.  You’ll feel the raw power, the drama, and the heart-pounding intensity of pulling these saltwater lunkers from the water.

Whether you’re already an experienced saltwater angler, or are considering giving it a try, this edition has must-see footage for you.  You’ll be inspired to grab your tackle, and you’ll possess essential techniques to make your saltwater adventure a huge success.

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