Scientific Anglers Introduction to Fly Casting with Brian & Judith O’Keefe


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From the back cover:

Great fly fishing begins with great fly casting, and with the help of Brian and Judith O’Keefe you’re just a few practice sessions away. Instructional graphics accelerate learning.

Comprehensive demonstrations give you a solid foundation and the confidence to cast with consistancy and accuracy:

  • Body position and stance
  • Creating effective loops
  • The best casting strokes
  • 10-to-2 o’clock rule
  • Proper rod arc
  • Use of the false cast
  • Gripping Technique
  • Wrist control
  • Smooth power transfer
  • Casting on different planes
  • Long distance shooting
  • Learning to haul line
  • Roll casting in tight quarters
  • Adapting to the situation
  • Stillwater casting
  • Moving water techniques
  • Minimizing slack
  • Minimizing fly drag

Complete Reference Section:

*Glossary of fly casting terms

*Casting techniques

*Utilizing new casting-analysis technology developed by the University of Michigan


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