Scientific Anglers Panfish & Bass, Fly Fishing Basics with Larry Dahlberg


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From the back cover:

Not only is fly fishing one of the most productive ways to catch fish, but it’s also a lot easier than you think. ¬†Outdoor adventurer Larry Dahlberg shows you just how easy it can be.

Action-packed demonstrations and background information make it easier than ever to be a successful fly angler:

*Easy casting exercises you can do right in your own backyard

*Proper techniques for handling a fly rod and reel

*Simple knot-tying and fly-rigging instructions for panfish, bass

*How to find the fish most easily caught on flies

*The best flies for panfish, bass, and other species

*Knowing which flies to use in which conditions

*Simple fly patterns you can tie yourself


*Bonus pike section

*Bonus fly-tying section

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