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Targus products were the brainchild of flyfishing author, video pioneer, and Ph.D. entomologist, Gary Borger.  (His son, Jason, was the shadow-caster in A River Runs Through It.  Sorry…it wasn’t Brad Pitt.)  With expertise and a pedigree like this, you can rest assured that these are high-quality, effective flyfishing products.

JewelFlash: Perhaps the most widely used “flash” product on the market, JewelFlash with its crystalline, sparkling character can be found in hundreds of designs ranging from sublime trout flies to huge pike behemoths, and so much more.  (Compare to Krystal Flash.)

LiquiFlash: A new, highly innovative, exclusive TargusFlash product with a distinctly liquid look that adds a note of realism to any fly.  LiquiFlash is the perfect flash for baitfish, squid, worm, crustacean, and insect imitations.  (Compare to Holo Flashabou.)

Maraflash: The mirror smooth reflective surface of MaraFlash coupled with its marabou-like action in the water make this material an absolutely essential enhancer for any fly that needs to show a bit of flash.  (Compare to Flashabou.)

MatteFlash: A non-typical flash product that is reminiscent of matte-finished metal strips (minus the whole stiff, heavy, metal part).  Gives saltwater, warmwater, coldwater, or anywater streamer and baitfish imitations a whole new look.  Sometimes the best flash is a MatteFlash…

MotionFlash: If it’s super duper motion and softness that you want with your flash, then this new, exclusive TargusFlash product is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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JewelFlash, Blood Red, JewelFlash, Coral, JewelFlash, Fl. Chartreuse, JewelFlash, Golden Yellow, JewelFlash, Green, JewelFlash, Chartreuse, JewelFlash, Green Chartreuse, JewelFlash, Light Orange, JewelFlash, Yellow, LiquiFlash, Gold, MaraFlash, Fuchsia, MaraFlash, Green Chartreuse, MaraFlash, Hot Orange, MatteFlash, Adams Gray, MatteFlash, Gold, MotionFlash, Gold